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Balloon Lights

Balloon Lites are shipped pre-assembled with easy fill valve, balloon and batteries. Dazzle your guests with this truly unique party decoration!

Mini Party Lights

Small water proof unit containing a very bright color changing LED. Perfect accent lighting for a variety of conditions! Balloon NOT included.

String Lights

We offer a wide selection of LED Battery Lights using the latest in LED technology. For weddings, parties, corporate events and other occasions.

How To - String Of Pearls Arch

String Of Pearls

Simple and inexpensive balloon decor for intimate gatherings. Great for small birthdays, office parties, retirement celebrations and anniversaries.

The ideal project to start balloon decorating.

Equipment Needed

  • Balloons - usually 11-inch
  • Sizer (cardboard with a 10" or other sized hole cut in it)
  • Strong fishing line. At least 35lb test. Marked balloon line is also available.
  • Helium
  • Ribbon
  • Weights - one for each end.
  • 2 chairs or other anchor points
  • scissors

Getting Started

Figure out how long you need your arch to be. For an arch that is wider than it is tall just add the width of the location and the height you want it to be.

(height + width = length)

For an arch that is taller than it is wide take 2x the height and add the width.

(2xheight + width = length)

Cut your fishing line to this length plus a few feet.

Now it's time to do the weights. An easy weight can be made by filling 2 11 inch balloons with water. You don't want the balloon to stretch, but just fill the uninflated shape with water.

Water balloons are easy and if they break you won't have sand everywhere. Uninflated 11 inch balloons are very hard to break, so this rarely happens.

You can hide the weight or cover it with something decorative.

Make the Arch

Anchor your line to the two chairs with a REMOVEABLE knot. Make sure the chairs are spaced far enough apart to keep the line taut. You want the arch to be a straight line until you are finished.

Arrange your helium, balloons and sizer in a way that makes it comfortable for you to switch between the three.

Inflate a balloon, make if fit exactly in the hole of the sizer. The best way is to over inflate slightly and then deflate until it fits.

After sizing, tie the balloon directly to the line. If you knot it first and then tie it to the line your balloons may not sit correctly and the whole thing will be more difficult to make. Do the same with each balloon until the arch is the length you need it to be.

Space each balloon along the line so that it just touches the ones next to it. You want a line of balloon soldiers standing at attention.

Nearly Done - Time To Decorate

Before you attach your arch to the weights it's nice to add a bit of ribbon. Cut curling ribbon into 2-3foot lengths. Curl it and tie it beside each balloon. You don't have to tie it to the balloon, putting it to the side of the neck will work fine.

After you're done with this it's time to make your line an arch. Tie one end to a weight, and then do the same with the other end. The balloons will float up into an arch.

Cut off any extra line and then put the arch where you want it to be.

Now You're done!!

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Packed Arch or Balloon Column

CHOKING HAZARD - Children under 8 yrs can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.